My Songwriting Process

Writing is a compelling process that causes me to consciously experience past and present emotions. Whether recently or currently repressed, thus bringing them to the surface to be revealed. Although it brings me to a vulnerable state, I see it to be more of a cathartic release. Refusing to acknowledge deep emotions can push one to a breaking point and do even more damage than what may be anticipated. To protect myself from extensive hurt or harm, I channel these “feelings” and write them on pieces of paper because liberating my thoughts is what initiates my healing process. The funny thing about my process is that it only works with me putting pen to paper as opposed to human to human interactions. 

There is nothing wrong with having an individual writing lyrics for others to sing, but there is just something, for lack of a better word, “magical” when one writes about his/ her own experiences causing the connection between the singer and the lyrics to be immaculate. This connection is what causes a song to be whole so when heard by others it resonates. My intention, in regard to my songwriting process, is to achieve individuals being able to relate to my experiences, even though it leaves my soul open for them to see.

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