Give It To You effectively re-ignites the colour and optimism of the summertime. Fusing professional clarity with absolute vibrancy and soul, the track is a simple pop-dance-hall piece on the outside, but presented by means of an emotional leading voice, an impressive and hypnotic soundscape, and a string of songwriting that remains rightfully focused on its own intentions throughout.”

Rebecca Cullen (Stereo Stickman)

Latest Single - Scarred Hearts At War (feat. Neen Bowen)


Opensoul is a singer, songwriter, and actor. The multi-talented and multi-faceted performer has featured in Netflix's reboot of Top Boy. Playing the role of Donovan, the lead character's cousin. Opensoul has also released his first official single, Give It To You, with longtime collaborator and friend, Andon. 

Opensoul lives on the north coast of Jamaica in the destination town of Negril that is Uber popular with visitors to the island. Opensoul has a passion for entertainment and is a prolific writer of songs. It's a form of personal expression that resonates with the artist and one the proves cathartic at times.


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Featured Music Video - Good Time (feat. Andon & Dayla Foxx)

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